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Celebs & Technology: Nelly Discusses His Must Have Tech & Why

Celebs & Technology: Nelly Discusses His Must Have Tech & Why

by Stephen BrownMay 9, 2013


It’s no mystery that celebs and technology pretty much go hand in hand these days. Our good pals over at CNET TV’s ‘Hooked Up’, cover how celebrities and tech collide. On this episode, Nelly discusses his must have tech products. I cant wait till I’m ‘really’ famous, and people are coming to my house asking me what technology I can’t live without. (For that you’d prob need to make a 4 hour documentary and have a Top-Secret clearance lol.)

(As a producer,  I can definitely co-sign that the portable version of  Pro tools/Logic  is a must.)



Courtesy of CNET

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