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How Much Would It Cost To Be Iron Man in Real Life? We Break Down the Numbers

How Much Would It Cost To Be Iron Man in Real Life? We Break Down the Numbers

by Stephen BrownApril 23, 2015

Fictional billionaire Tony Stark is the CEO of his company Stark Enterprises, but in reality, what doesn’t he do? He’s a chemist, an inventor, an engineer and an entrepreneur. He may bring in the big bucks, but he’s certainly a spender when it comes to being properly equipped to ward off bad guys.

Recently, MoneySupermarket.com put together an infographic of what it would cost to be Iron Man, but as he embraces more new tech in the upcoming film Iron Man 3, the total cost has jumped from $1.6 billion to $10 billion.

The suits featured in Iron Man 3 total $7 billion alone — previously they totaled $1.4 billion. Among the new bells and whistles include a hyper velocity shot gun and updated armor.

Some existing technologies include rocket-propelled boots that make him fly ($3.8 million), helmet with projected holographic displays ($54 million) and the arc reactor nuclear power source built into the chest of his suit ($26 million).

Not to mention his $25 million mansion in Malibu and whole fleet of fancy sport cars.

For a full look at what it would cost to be Iron Man and a look at his new suits, check out the infographic below.

Iron Man 3 Infographic

Thumbnail image via Marvel


If 10 billion is a stretch, for about $20 bucks You can Get this 🙂






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