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How Much Does Tech Really Want Women?


Let’s start this off with saying WhoooHaaa! No! The Tech world wants to give women the Barbie Doll look. I often look at how many women are hired that DO NOT make the grade but because they are marketable (cute) to the cause, they are given preferential treatment.

Technology is the great equalizer, so why didn’t the media Celebrate IBM’s female CEO? I think it’s interesting how we celebrate women but then we are treated like the elephant in the room. Women only represent under 20% of the Technology industry or S.T.E.M. careers. The time for boxes is just over. We have evolved as a species and our wisdom should reflect that in our actions.

I don’t know how many women I speak to that feel like they are the odd man out in the office or in meetings as entrepreneurs. I know there are many women who suffer in business from having the ability to wear a skirt, not being a male or a Caucasian male.

Just because we have breasts doesn’t mean we need help to do our work. Just because we have a VJ doesn’t mean men we work with are invited to dine in the valley. Just because we are female does not mean that your lies work any better on us than on the men. Just because we are female, that does not entitle you to pay us differently or than you would men. Don’t try to cut us out deals because we are the ladies at the table. We are not the testing ground for your sleazy jokes. Don’t touch us or rub up against us because we look soft or smell good or are pretty. Despite what you think,  we are not here for you appeasement. Damn it, we are women, that is sort of our nature. If you can’t get that, maybe you don’t need to be in business where you are around women.

I love men, but after you hear the same thing coming from women you need to address it. I was speaking on the phone with women about tech events that I have coming up and the abuse of power is just ridiculous and unfair. I have had my share and some of this rant is personal.

Technology has shown the world that business as usual can and should be disrupted to help us all to advance. Women come in as the world disrupter for business in the tech industry and guess what, we are not all in social media. Women do not have to be bitches to work in all male dominate Technology environments. Just because our voice is softer, that does not give you the right to over-talk any one of us.  We, in fact are able and capable of fitting into any, and all technology related jobs. It should be celebrated by the media the same way that they celebrate men being appointed into high positions.

Women Stats

It’s is supremely significant to the growth of technology in the United States.  The voice of women has not been heard in Tech yet, we need the feminine side. The innovation and new technology relatable to women has not been seen yet.

The world needs more women to feel welcome and safe in the male dominated environments to be feminine and create things that women want. More importantly, it is important to the little girls, that men father, to see other women do the what they           are more than capable of doing.

For more research from the National Center for Women In Technology click here

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