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The Microsoft Surface Studio Is Amazing Here’s Our Review

Microsoft’s beautiful Surface Studio is a PC that’s much more than an all-in-one. While you can do all the regular PC things you’d expect from a Windows PC, it’s really the screen that makes it different from a regular computer. It’s a screen that folds down to transform the PC into a drawing board, designed for stylus, touch, and new Dial input. It’s unlike any regular all-in-one PC we’ve seen before, but I want to turn any laptop into a Surface Studio.

As speculation mounted over Microsoft’s PC plans, I hoped that the company was planning to create a super monitor with the skills of the Surface Studio, and a powerful graphics card inside that would work with any laptop. I even speculated that Microsoft could go this route, but ultimately the company decided a full all-in-one PC was the better choice. That’s not stopping me wanting a Surface Studio monitor.

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Obviously one of the coolest features on the Microsoft Surface is the Surface Dial which is a round knob controller that is  sort of like a modern twist on a paint palette. When the Dial is placed on the Studio’s screen, a radial menu pops up & circles around it. Different options load, for example, when a painting app is on screen color palettes & other options load as well.  It can also be used to navigate and pan around images and menus in different applications.

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