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PentHouse Mag Offers $1Million For Trumps Russian Sex Tape

Penthouse mag offering 1 Million for Trumps russian sex tapes

As the BuzzFeed news report of Russia having extremely compromising information about Donald Trump started being released,  this PR catastrophe was just getting started. To make matters more dire  for the Trump camp reports are emerging  now that the compromising information on Donald Trump  includes an alleged sex-tape involving President-elect Donald Trump, members of his staff, and hired prostitutes performing perverted sexual acts.

According to the released report, the Russian Ritz Carlton hotel room where allegedly Mr. Trump and his staff stayed  was equipped “with microphones and concealed cameras ”  controlled by the Russian Intelligence Service The FSB.

Once information started emerging that there could potentially be recordings of Trump doing perverted sexual acts, the adult magazine Penthouse wasted no time seeking exclusive rights to the recorded material posting this tweet yesterday evening.

Penthouse magazine is now offering $1-Million dollars  to anyone who can produce the FSB sex tape footage.

Penthouse Magazine Offering 1 Millioin Dollars For Trumps Russian Sex Tape

CNN stated that the intelligence community had warned Trump, and President Barack Obama that Russia had “compromising personal and financial information” on Trump. Although the information has not been officially confirmed, the most talked about claim was that Trump employed “a number of prostitutes to perform perverted sex acts including a ‘golden showers’ (urination) show in front of him” while he visited Moscow on several occasions.


Trump is clearly extremely concerned over these allegations. So far, he has taken the position of denial calling CNN reports “false, fake news” He’s also slammed the intelligence community claiming that “they’re out to get him” while continuing to state that he has nothing to do with Russia. The ramifications of this could be un-recoverable even for Trump as Intelligence Community officials and members of Congress  including Senator John McCain have stated their will be a full investigation of the released documents and the alleged material.

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