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Casme Barnes: A Fem Face For Tech

Casme Barnes: A Fem Face For Tech

by Cairo QweenApril 17, 2017
Casme Barnes ECommerce Techpreneur

Casme Barnes ECommerce Techpreneur


You may have seen Casme Barnes before. She is a professional vocalist that’s been dazzling audiences around the globe for years. When Casme is not touring, she is busy designing her clothing line and managing her E-commerce store.  It’s no secret that Online shopping & E-Commerce is bringing in huge profits and is systematically disrupting the standard brick and mortar business model. Just this year we’ve heard of several stores closing stores because more spenders are enjoying the convenience of shopping online. Brick and Mortar stores are now working tirelessly to find creative ways to bring people back into stores for the live shopping experience.

ECommerce Fact:

Out of the population of Adults who are purchasing goods, 8 out of 10 buy online. A 2016 Pew Research study shows that 28% of online shoppers buy  multiple times a week. 


Harnessing the power of social media Casme has found ways to advertise her beautiful clothing, personal causes and market herself via #Instagram which  50% of adults check Instagram reviews before making a purchase.

Casme stands as a women who is helping to usher in a new generation of female  eCommerce entrepreneurs and
we acknowledge her poise, advocacy and her contributions to technology! We proudly include her as one of 1000 Women who represent a #Technology driven future.

The 1000 Women 4 Tech movement is not just for women, it is a national initiative that will require the support of men who support female innovators.

Find out more about 1000 Women For Technology and to support the women, the efforts and the cause, look up the website and learn as much as possible at Women4Tech.co .


Cairo Qween

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“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It” – Abraham Lincoln


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