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How Steve Brown & STEM STARS Are Inspiring The Tech Leaders of Tomorrow
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The STEM STARS e-learning platform allows students
to collaborate together in real-time via the web similar to Slack.com


With education reform initiatives in the U.S. pushing for more S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics) programs, one Atlanta company is answering the call. S.T.E.M. STARS, an Atlanta based firm founded in 2014, has created a unique S.T.E.M. training program that not only teaches K-12 students computer coding, but also is helping to close the education gap in the US as well.
Stephen Brown, founder of S.T.E.M. STARS says.

“ There is a serious education dilemma here in America. The education a child receives is solely determined by what area that child lives in.  S.T.E.M. STARS is leveling the education playing field by making our STEM courseware & tools accessible via the web. This ensures that students in economically disadvantaged areas can now receive the same high level of education as students in very affluent areas just by logging into our network“



Brown says “Our focus also was to provide students with real world digital tools that would prepare them for the 21st Century economy.” “At STEM STARS, we teach students how to code, launch, & manage technology projects as if they were real companies. We have the STEM STARS online application builder that lets students create real web & mobile apps. “Once they complete their projects, our platform even allows them to market & crowdfund their ideas to potentially earn real profits for themselves.”


The STEM STARS Online App Builder Allows Students to build real Mobile & Web Apps.

Online App Builder Allows Students to build real Mobile & Web Apps.


Stephen Brown Founder & CEO STEM STARS

Stephen Brown Founder & CEO STEM STARS

“Students from all over the Internet can collaborate with each other in real-time on S.T.E.M. STARS which fosters a richer, more fertile learning environment” The S.T.E.M. STARS platform is being integrated into dozens of school systems, and the company is partnering with several national youth organizations to bring these critical skill sets to the masses.  “We’ve been extremely busy lately, and my vision is to one day see S.T.E.M. STARS integrated into every school system in America.”

Brown says “We are committed to providing the next generation of minds with 21st Century  training and entrepreneurship skills that will keep America competitive in the new economy.”

Learn more at http://stemstars.org


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