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US Intel: China & Russia Listen to Everything Trump Says on His Unsecured Phone

US Intel: China & Russia Listen to Everything Trump Says on His Unsecured Phone

by Stephen BrownJanuary 25, 2019


By Digilyfe Founder & Lead Editor Steve Brown @Stevebtech



U.S. officials told NBC News on Thursday that they have been concerned for months that President Donald Trump has been discussing sensitive information on an unsecured cellphone with informal advisers, including Sean Hannity of Fox News.

The information comes after The New York Times reported that Chinese and Russian spies have been listening to personal phone calls Trump has made from his cellphones daily.

Several aides to Trump have repeatedly warned the president of the routine eavesdropping on his unsecure phones, The Times reported. Trump, however, has refused to give up his iPhones ignoring the warnings of espionage.

NBC News has not confirmed aspects of that report.



A former aide to Trump — Omarosa Manigault Newman — disputed his response later Thursday, tweeting that the president “ALWAYS” used his personal iPhone in the White House “even after being told over and over again about the security risk.”

“He disliked his secure gov issued cell — he said it was slow and ‘buggy,'” she tweeted.



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