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Microsoft selling four times as many Windows Phones as a year ago

Microsoft selling four times as many Windows Phones as a year ago

by Stephen BrownJanuary 22, 2013


Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone sales are four times what they were at the same point last year, and that demand has been strong enough for initial sellouts in “many countries”. To reinforce Ballmers statements, there have been reports of  Windows phone availability shortages in Germany and Finland. Analysts say however that could be an illusion because companies will limit the amout of units shipped to retailers in order for there to be a shortage of merchandise.  Ballmer is quick to point out  that  Microsoft’s improved hardware as triggering the sales spike. The news is certainly positive on the whole, although we’d warn that Microsoft might be pulling an Amazon — that is, declining to provide shipment sales numbers that would give its grandiose claims some context. It’s easy to tout record growth when you’re starting from a small point, so we’ll refrain from calling Windows Phone the Comeback Kid until market share estimates show otherwise.
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