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Celebs & Technology: Snoop Releases ‘Snoopify’ Photobomb App… What Do You Think??

Celebs & Technology: Snoop Releases ‘Snoopify’ Photobomb App… What Do You Think??

by Stephen BrownMay 15, 2013

By Digital Afro Lead Editor: Stephen Brown


Snoop Lion recently  used  a chat session with Google Hangout as an opportunity to promote his two new apps: The Reincarnated Track Notes app [iTunes link], which is a companion to his new album, as well as the Snoopify app for photo bombing & sharing.

The Snoopify app lets smartphone users everywhere photo bomb their pics with Snoop themed  icons & paraphernalia. You can add golden grills, dollar bills, or squatting ladies in blue bikinis to your latest night out group photo, or between you and your buds.

This app was created so Snoop so has something to do while he’s on the road. Snoop regularly  uploads 5-10 Snoopified Instagram photos a day (3-7 of them include his catch phrase “What it do nephew?”).


Below you’ll find a few  from last week.

Snoop enjoys sticking Snoop stickers on paparazzi photos. But why the wolves?


I’m pretty sure this is actually what’s happening in the picture and the stickers aren’t needed.

Snoop Barbies. In Tyra’s arms. Why? WHY??

The detailed sunglasses and gold grills on Skrillex’s shirt are a great touch. Along with the second Snoop in the photo.

The sunglass-gold-grill-combo again. This time on the flattop.

After coming back to this one 5+ times I only now notice that the goatees are stickers.

Larry King with some grape drink and hot ladies with purple hair.

Snoop makes a shout out to his grandma on Mother’s Day… but not without his app.

We applaud Snoop for embracing technology, but  what do you think??  go or no go? Let us know in the FB comments below.

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