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Real ‘Tumbler’ Unveiled In British Military Archives

Real ‘Tumbler’ Unveiled In British Military Archives

by Stephen BrownJuly 12, 2013


Long before the concept of the ‘Tumbler,’ British Contractor BAE Systems envisioned a real  vehicle that could vertically leap over battlefield obstacles.


At DA, we always love to show you how fiction and reality are always blurred together.In a recently discovered archive, military contractor BAE Systems (the same company that has recently invented an invisible tank,) has unveiled a once-top secret “Jumping Jeep” that was under development in the 1960’s. Of course we thought of the ‘Tumbler’ which in the Dark Knight Trilogy was designed as a high jumping  bridging vehicle.

Designed by the British Aerospace Corporation, one of BAE’s predecessors, the ‘Roader’ as it was called, was envisioned to be used as a go-anywhere reconnaissance vehicle.

Twelve directional fans fitted around the vehicle were to provide lift, allowing it to fly up and over obstacles.

Unfortunately, similar to the fictional Tumbler, the estimated cost of the project kept it on the drawing boards next to a number of futuristic proposals including a  vertical take-off and landing commercial passenger jet, and  a very cool delta winged space plane.

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