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Google’s 100% Self Driving Car Hits The Road Today, Is It A Hit Or Miss?

Google’s 100% Self Driving Car Hits The Road Today, Is It A Hit Or Miss?

by Stephen BrownMay 28, 2014

Google’s 100% self driving car hits the road today

Today, Google revealed its first 100% self-driving car prototype. The car  is missing quite a few of the features you’d expect to see in a standard car namely a steering wheel, mirrors, braking and accelerating pedals. The prototype comes fully equipped with special software and sensors that feed information into an onboard computer, which commands & maneuvers  the car.

Focusing on safety, Google’s self-driving prototype features sensors that can “see” beyond blind spots and detect other vehicles, objects, pedestrians and landmarks within a 360 degree radius that spans approximately the length of two football fields.

The interior of the vehicle has also been kept simple and practical for testing purposes. There are two comfortable passenger seats, with seatbelts and spacious leg room; a small storage compartment, stop and start buttons positioned in the center console and a navigation screen displaying the planned journey.

Google has plans to build 100 self-drive cars within the year, with safety tests to commence over the (Northern Hemisphere) summer.

“If all goes well, we’d like to run a small pilot program here in California in the next couple of years,” says Google. “We’re going to learn a lot from this experience, and if the technology develops as we hope, we’ll work with partners to bring this technology into the world safely.”


Check out the new Google self-driving car in the video below.


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