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‘Surv’ App Shows You Where All The Security Cameras Are Located

‘Surv’ App Shows You Where All The Security Cameras Are Located

by Stephen BrownMarch 24, 2015


Ever wanted to pull off a movie style heist?… be an untraceable spy master?… or just want to stop being watched? We’ll get the Surv App for your smartphone. Surv is a crowd sourced project seeking to map the locations of outdoor surveillance cameras deployed to monitor the public in any city around the world. The app lists any and all mapped cameras within a 100 meter radius of your iPhone. Whether you’re a security expert, privacy advocate or just a concerned citizen you have a right to know where these cameras are. Surv can show you.


How Surv Works

  • The crowd maps outdoor cameras (New York, London, etc)
  • The camera’s coordinates, description and a photo are uploaded
  • The app uses your location to report nearby cameras
  • Only cameras within 100 meters of your position are visible
  • The beta currently works on iPhone 4 and higher running iOS 6

Mapping and reporting the locations of the cameras through the app is the first step in a much larger plan to allow users to locate and ultimately access services and information from smart surveillance cameras. Ambitious yes. But big ideas have humble beginnings.

Who’s behind Surv

Surv was created by long time collaborators Kaza Razat & Khalid Mills. They are both mobile software design and development professionals with several years of experience and high profile projects. Their inspiration for the app comes from the worlds of video games and hollywood fiction where characters wield amazingly smart and useful technology that doesn’t yet exist in the real world or isn’t available to the average person. To keep things fun they’ve begun to add gamified elements into the app like a global leader board and the ability for the most prolific location mappers to unlock new features.


more screen shots




If you believe the public has a right to this kind of technology but you can’t contribute financially you can still spread the word to your friends. Use Kickstarter’s share tools and you’ll be contributing to the campaign in a very important way.

Surv is still in Beta, they are looking for funding to get it fully into the marketplace. If you want to help further privacy you can contribute to their  Kickstarter campaign here:






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