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Why You Should Like Flipboard 2.0

Why You Should Like Flipboard 2.0

by Stephen BrownAugust 20, 2015

By Contributing Writer Alex “Fernando” Montenegro: Fernando is a super talented Android developer and technical wizard.





Flipboard let’s you create magazines based on your interests, & 2.0 just got more awesome.


Flipboard has always been one of our favorite apps here at DA because of it’s great User Interface.  Now the 2.0 update offers a host of new features, including the ability to create & share magazines of your own based on your interests & favorite news sources.

Want to create a visually rich digital magazine about, say, the Caribbean? You can search for the term “Caribbean” through the app, then view feeds of photos and text updates from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and media outlets that cover the topic. You can select those and populate your magazine with that content.

Previously, you could only browse all that content separately and add it to your own Flipboard; now you are able to group it into your own magazine, which you can title and share with others. You can keep them private if you’d like too. We were able to create that very “Caribbean” magazine, which we captioned “I Want to Go to There,” by adding photo feeds from Flickr and Instagram with the tag “Caribbean.” We also added articles by just tapping the “+” button in the bottom right corner. Within a few minutes we had a beautiful magazine full of beautiful ocean views and useful articles.

Flipboard has added a few other features, including commenting, which allows you to comment on stories right inside the app, and a bookmarklet, a shortcut for the browser that allows you to send any article you see on the Internet to your Flipboard account.

The new version of Flipboard — Flipboard 2.0 — is available now for the iPhone and iPad. The company says the Android update will be coming very soon.


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