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Maserati’s Super Car Of The Future

Maserati’s Super Car Of The Future

by Stephen BrownFebruary 6, 2018


The Maserati  Pininfarina is the 75th anniversary concept car designed to capture the auto industry and the public’s teeming imagination. It is a futuristic extension of the Maserati brand which reinforces a strong heritage of bold elegant design.

The Pininfarina is based on the racing chassis of the 1961 Maserati ‘Tipo’ which set over a dozen racing speed records, and was considered one of the top automobiles of it’s era.

The central cell is divided into two parts: a transparent upper part and a lower part that acts as a structural aerodynamic sideskirt. The generous upper surface not only guarantees excellent visibility for its occupants, but also reveals the beautiful Maserati interior which can be viewed by admirers.

The 100% electric engine signifies a universal shift of super car makers to be more energy conscious. The exterior is molded from carbon fiber ceramics making the car almost as strong as steel but with only 1/5 the weight which in turn conserves energy.

The cost of the Pininfarina has not been released.

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