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U.S. Army has been Developing Real AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back

U.S. Army has been Developing Real AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back

by Stephen BrownNovember 15, 2018


Called the “walking truck” or Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine (CAM), the walking machine was designed in 1965 as an experimental vehicle for rough terrain

Controlled by a bunch of hydraulic levers mapped to corresponding legs, the CAM and its 11-foot tall legs was capable of traveling at 35-miles per hour, but it had one flaw.

The U.S. Army hoped the CAM would be able to traverse through swampland impassable to ordinary vehicles while carrying loads of a quarter-ton on its back. With the Military’s new focus on exoskeletons & robotics, It’s only a matter of time before we see the real thing(75 Ft High) walking around. It definitely  makes you wonder, what else does the U.S. Army have? A mini Death Star? Landspeeders? (You know if its out there Digital Afro will find it.)

Watch the video of this four-legged beast  in action… UNREAL

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