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Use ‘VinePeek’ to collect and sort thousands of ‘Vine” Videos.

Use ‘VinePeek’ to collect and sort thousands of ‘Vine” Videos.

by Stephen BrownJanuary 27, 2013


A newly launched website gives you a chance to glimpse into what’s going in the world, six seconds at a time. Vinepeek aggregates Vine videos in real time, showcasing an endless stream of six-second snippets of everyday lives.

Vinepeek takes inspiration from This Is Now, a real-time aggregator of Instagram pictures, and does the same thing with videos created with Twitter’s newly released social video app, Vine.

As of now, the website is stripped-down and very simple, with just a few introductory sentences explaining what the site is about and the Vine videos in the middle of the screen — but it’s still compelling.


Check out Vinepeek for yourself here.

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