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The Batman Ninja Movie Looks More Amazing Than You Imagined


Finally, Warner Brothers has given the Anime Batman  Movie its release date.. Summer 2018! and it looks just as amazing as you imagined.  The upcoming Japanese anime film Batman Ninja, based on DC legend Bob Kane’s Batman series , re-imagines the Dark Night in a complicated and dangerous feudal Japan.


The trailer, which was first launched at this year’s New York Comic Con, looks absolutely glorious. In Batman Ninja, Batman literally time travels to medieval Japan where he must save the country from Samurai Joker and his band of evil co-horts  Harley Quinn, Penguin, Clayface and Deathstroke who are apparently trying to “rewrite the history of the Japan.”


The film opens with the prophecy…

“When Japan is in a state of chaos, a Ninja with a bat mask shall appear and restore order,”

Of course the Dark Knight never to be outdone also has some incredible friends to square off with the Joker clan including Nightwing, and what could be Batgirl.

The film, which is a collaboration between Warner Bros. and DC, was very careful about representing Asian culture , and in fact makes the most of it. With Batman Ninja, Warner Bros seems to be establishing a new  brand for the DC Universe Franchise and the film could garner a live action film. Let’s hope so!

Watch The Trailer Below!





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