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New Technology Lets Games Adjust To Players Based On Their Emotions.

New Technology Lets Games Adjust To Players Based On Their Emotions.

by Stephen BrownMarch 18, 2016


New sensor technology lets machines monitor players & adjust games based on their emotions.

When Microsoft introduced the Kinect sensor in 2010, the company said the motion-capture system would transform gaming. That was partially true; gamers could do very cool things like swing an imaginary golf club, dance, & jump hurdles, but the Kinect wasn’t sensitive enough to register very intricate maneuvers. In November, Microsoft  will launch an upgraded Kinect 2.0 with the Xbox One console. With that release, Microsoft could very well  disrupt gaming at the level it had originally intended, changing not only how we interact with games but also how games interact with us.

Successful video games have one thing in common: immersion. When drawn in, players lose track of time, their pulse rises, & they become unaware of their surroundings.  In short, their point of view shifts from the real world to the virtual world. Microsoft has been developing gaming technology  that reacts to the player on whole a new level. Developers have never had feedback of a player’s true ‘in game’ emotional state,  until now.

With the New XBox Kinect 2.0, sensors of the console monitor heart rate, stress level, and facial expressions of the player. As a players stress level increases, the intensity of the game ratchets up as the players heart begins to race. This is the first time a console monitors bio data taking things to a new level.  Kinect’s  high-speed 1080p camera also detects minute movements, including eye blinks, wrist twists, and muscle flexes sending tons of player data to the console for a  truly interconnected virtual experience.

“The new Kinect 2.0 monitors stress levels & ratchets up the intensity of games up as a players heart begins to race.”

With this breakthrough, consoles will allow for games that are progressively more immersive—and blur the once stark line between the real world and the virtual one.

Watch The Kinect 2.0 In Action

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