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Low Cost Personal Helicopter, Go Anywhere All For The Price Of A Sports Car

Low Cost Personal Helicopter, Go Anywhere All For The Price Of A Sports Car

by Stephen BrownFebruary 26, 2020

The price of personal air travel is expected to drop by 22% by 2019, and the Segita personal helicopter is ready to capture the market.


With streets and highways becoming increasingly more & more congested, hundreds of  personal aviation companies are enjoying a huge surge in business in the U.S. and abroad. Analysts are predicting by 2019, the price of personal air travel is expected to drop 22% ; Thus opening the door for more commuters to get into the skies, and the Segita Personal Helicopter is preparing to tap right into the market.

GDTech Engineering, developer of the Sagita Sherpa,  hopes that instead of a person paying $200,000 for a  sports car, they will purchase their very own helicopter instead. The Sherpa, with its dual rotors, dual passenger design,  has a 380-mile range, and has a blade radius of only 16 ft. which makes it easy to take off and land in most places said Thibaud Waltregny, business development manager for GDTech.

“One fill up can get the average person to work and back 5 times” Waltregny said.

The ultralight craft only weighs 575 pounds and can carry a payload of up to 478 pounds more. With a cruising speed of 98mph,  and a planned price of 150,000 euros, Waltregny  thinks craft can definitely capture a strong foothold in the personal aviation market.

The rear of the Sagita Sherpa two-person helicopter.


The Sherpa  uses a design with two sets of rotors that spin in opposite directions, an approach that is quiet, naturally balanced, and  improves safety of  anyone near by not having a tail rotor.

The Sherpa made its debut at the 2017 Paris Air show to rave reviews, “We expect to be selling them in the marketplace in two years,” Waltregny said.

The initial market will be  Europe, but dozens of US companies and individuals are showing extreme interest.

Dealing with traffic?… Get a Sherpa!

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