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Samsung & NBA Sign $100 Million Dollar Deal For Electronics & Exclusive Content

Samsung & NBA Sign $100 Million Dollar Deal For Electronics & Exclusive Content

by Stephen BrownMarch 5, 2016

Get ready for NBA on your mobile device via Samsung, as the NBA and the electronics company sign major content licensing deal.

It’s been rumored for months that the NBA has been looking for an exclusive mobile partner to begin streaming live NBA games to mobile devices, and it looks like it just found it. Today, the NBA and Samsung have signed a major deal that will allow the electronics company access to the NBA’s global market, and exclusive NBA content.

The NBA and Samsung’s deal is valued at $100 million over three years, The Wall Street Journal reported , citing people who to have knowledge of the agreement. Under the terms of the deal, Samsung will provide to the NBA both televisions and tablets for use court side during games. Special Samsung cameras and  televisions will act as the monitors for referees use to review close calls.

Samsung’s deal with the NBA goes beyond just providing devices. The NBA will customize its video, phone, and tablet  bit rates to optimize it for Samsung’s many devices, including televisions and Samsung’s upcoming flexible devices.

This deal foreshadows the NBA’s push to be the first major sports league to provide a huge portion of its games via wireless devices.

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