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Trending How To: Print Anywhere From Your Tablet or Smartphone…Finally!!

Trending How To: Print Anywhere From Your Tablet or Smartphone…Finally!!

by Stephen BrownApril 10, 2013

By Contributing Writer Alex “Fernando” Montenegro:
 Fernando is a super talented Android developer and technical wizard. Pretty much an  8th Degree Black Belt on most things tablet, phone and geek.





If you’ve ever used a tablet or smartphone of any kind,  you know very well that printing your pictures, or your work from the device itself is virtually impossible. Trying to find compatible drivers for the printer and the wireless device will have you kicking and screaming fairly quickly.

Usually, if you want to print something from your tablet or phone, you have to email the file to yourself, open it up on a computer with the printer, then print it out. Now that more and more people are using wireless devices, Google is hoping to ease the strain from these extremely frustrating situations by creating a universal cloud based printing utility known as Google Cloud Print.

The huge advantage of  having Google Cloud Print is that you don’t need to have your laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone connected to a printer via cable.
All you need is to have a wireless Internet connection to send the signal to the printer anywhere, and problem solved. Although wireless printing is not new, printing from your smart phone is a game changer  for millions of people whose lives have become digitally inter twined with their phones.
Now, since we realize you’ve dealt with this situation all too often, we’ve put together several easy to  follow steps on  how to get  your device  ready to send and receive print data wirelessly. 
In this link you can find out more on how to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print


Lets begin:

If you have a Smartphone (  + Android  ) or tablet, printing  is slightly different.However the Google Cloud Printer screens are the same.
1. Download  Cloud Print .
Once you’ve installed the application, open it, and you will receive the  welcome message.



2. Next,  click on the arrow on the bottom right —-> Then open the  email account window that you used to register.


3. Next, another screen will open with several options. Choose the first option.  The second option is for HP printers that have the Cloud service, and the third is for ‘ePrint’ printers that are in close proximity.



4. Next is the option to choose your default printer.


5. In my case,  the closest printer is the Epson XP 300. If you want to send your views directly to  + Google Drive  to print later, just select that option or any of the other options you have available. (At this screen, have your smartphone or tablet ready to send your documents, photos, websites, pdf or any printable file.


6. Your  document, or photos  are now ready to print. Here I am printing a picture from my phone (virtually impossible just minutes ago before I downloaded the app.)


With Google Cloud Print, now you can go anywhere and print effortlessly highly recommended utility.

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