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Careful: Zeus Virus Stealing Bank Account Info Across Facebook & Blackberry

Careful: Zeus Virus Stealing Bank Account Info Across Facebook & Blackberry

by Stephen BrownJune 6, 2013

Be careful what links you click on Facebook. A gang of international cybercrooks has resurrected a six-year-old Trojan virus named Zeus, using it to harvest personal information and drain unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts.

It appears as if the virus is being distributed via Facebook groups, especially from advertisements offering discount merchandise, counterfeit designer wear, or some similar Facebook scam. The virus made its first reappearance in February of this year through Blackberry, with incidents of infection rapidly growing month-to-month.

Once Zeus infects your computer, the virus lays in wait until you use an online banking account. When you do, the malicious code stores your login and password, using it to empty your coffers. The virus can collect other personal information to sell, as well. According to Malloy Labs, this data eventually makes its way to a group known as the Russian Business Network, a gang of cybercriminals involved in child pornography, identity theft and other illegal activities.

The virus was first discovered by security experts in 2009.

Don’t be a victim.  if your device or system is currently unprotected, please purchase or upgrade your anti virus software. Also, don’t think that just because you have a Mac, you’re safe – Apple computers are susceptible to this Trojan as well.

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