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Companies Are Posting Jobs Thru Twitter Now: Use These Resources To Get Your Dream Gig

Companies Are Posting Jobs Thru Twitter Now: Use These Resources To Get Your Dream Gig

by Stephen BrownOctober 17, 2013

Social media is becoming an increasingly viable hiring tool for major companies. LinkedIn may be the most obvious digital platform for job seekers, but Twitter is beginning to make a name for itself as a recruitment resource as well.

Earlier this year, Twitter and NPR hosted a live chat about using Twitter in a job search. They advised creating a Twitter bio and profile image that convey your personality and career goals, using hashtags appropriate to your desired profession, and networking with influencers and potential colleagues in your field.



Image: TwitJobSearch

There are hundreds of websites for job seekers, such as Monster and CareerBuilder, but these three are designed specifically for Twitter recruitment:

TwitJobSearch: This site allows you to search for jobs posted on Twitter using keywords (for example, “Marketing in New York”). Click on a link to find a job’s specific recruiting page. Take a look at the Twitter users who are most frequently posting these listings; they might be worth following.

TweetMyJobs: TweetMyJobs will send you personalized job listings via email, Twitter or your mobile device. Geico, VISA, UPS and AT&T are among the major companies that use the site as a recruitment tool.

Twellow: Twellow organizes Twitter users by category, making it easier to find the right recruiters and influencers to follow in your job search. Twellow’s Twitter account also shares social media stories via

Job Postings

LinkedIn Tattoo

Image: Flickr, smi23le

For a comprehensive list of Twitter accounts for job listings, check out JobMob‘s compilation of 400+ such accounts. Be advised that not all of the feeds listed are still active.

Here are a few frequently updated and well-regarded Twitter accounts to get you started:

@JobHuntOrg: Susan P. Joyce tweets on behalf of, posting U.S. job listings, career advice and helpful articles for job seekers.

@SocialMediaJob: Dave Weinberg (@weinberg81), founder and CEO of Pinbooster, aggregates job listings in the social media sector.

@LinkedIn_Jobs: As the premier social media resource for professionals, connecting toLinkedIn is a must for modern job seekers. Subscribe to the platform’s Twitter account to see career listings directly in your feed.

@CraigslistJobs: Incorporate Craigslist into your Twitter feed to receive job postings from across the United States.

@Ed2010News: This Twitter companion to posts job openings in the magazine industry, as well as updates on the media world.

Career Advice

Job Hunting

Image: Flickr, Tax Credits

Follow these accounts for general career advice, from building the ideal resume to nabbing endorsements on LinkedIn:

@UndercoverRec: This Twitter feed from the social media marketing firm LinkHumans shares articles about cover letters, resume building and interviewing tips from the Undercover Recruiter blog.

@HeatherHuhman: Heather R. Huhman, founder of the content and digital marketing PR firmCome Recommended, doles out job advice tailored to Gen Y job seekers.

@YouTernMark: Mark Babbitt, Huffington Post blogger and founder of, tweets recruiter advice with a focus on millennials and social media.

@BrazenCareerist: Tweets from the Brazen Careerist website include links to webinars, virtual career fairs and recruitment events.

@StevenRothberg: Steven Rothberg is the president of His Twitter feed shares a helpful selection of articles about entry-level jobs and internships for graduating college students.

@Careerealism: From the website of the same name, Careerealism shares no-nonsense blog posts about recruitment and networking.

@DailyMuse: This feed contains helpful career advice from The Muse, a job site where you can apply to work for companies such as Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify and more.


Person Tweeting

Image: Flickr, Maryland GovPics

These Twitter users may not always post listings or career advice, but they are considered major players in the employment sphere. Follow them to benefit from their expertise; many of them are also very accessible and respond to users’ questions.

To find influential users specific to your field, a simple Google search for “top Twitter users in [your career]” will yield helpful results.

@DanSchawbel: Dan Schawbel is the author of The New York Times and Wall Street Journalbest-selling book Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success, and he was named one of Forbes and Inc magazines’ “30 Under 30.” He tweets about personal branding and employment with a focus on millennials.

@Blogging4Jobs: Jessica Merrell is the blogger behind Blogging4Jobs, and is a columnist forThe Huffington Post. Her Twitter account is a combination of personal and professional insights, and she engages in live chats and webinars about HR careers.

@LindseyPollak: Lindsey Pollak is a keynote speaker and ambassador for LinkedIn who blogs about millennials in the workplace.

@Keppie_Careers: Miriam Salpeter is a social media strategist and consultant at Keppie Careers, and is the author of Social Networking for Business Success. She tweets helpful advice for job-seekers of all ages, with an emphasis on social media.

@TFerriss: Tim Ferriss is the author of The Four Hour Workweek, a New York TimesWall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller. His Twitter feed and blog are great resources for learning about workplace productivity and creativity.


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