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Movie Tech: Gloves Like Mission Impossible…Very Real

Movie Tech: Gloves Like Mission Impossible…Very Real

by Stephen BrownDecember 23, 2015


You Saw This In Mission Impossible 4, Now See The Real Thing.


At Digital Afro we always like to show you how what you see in films and science fiction is usually based in reality. In Mission Impossible 4, Tom Cruise scaled the Burj Khalifa building  by using regenerating adhesive gloves that were activated by ultra violet light. His tech guy told him ( referring to the color of light on the gloves,) that “Blue means Glue, & Red means Dead.” Of course for cinematic purposes, some of the aspects of the climb were bit exaggerated,  however the technology of very strong, light activated adhesives are very real.

A material, developed by AIST, is an organic substance where the adhesive  strength can be created repeatedly. This is achieved simply by shining light on the material without heating or cooling it. When the material has solidified, it’s turns yellow (not blue), but when illuminated with UV light, it gradually liquefies and becomes orange (not red). If you shine light on the material again it hardens and reverts back to yellow. This breakthrough one of the first examples of a regenerative solid-liquid transition caused by light alone in a single substance.

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