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Atlanta Time Square Digital Billboards Discount

The One Big Sale that could change the face of your business is happening now for a few lucky individuals! The Atlanta Time Square Billboard is on sale now for the lowest rate ever! Perfect for any event, promotion, or corporation wishing to be seen in Atlanta.

This is the most coveted marketing space in all of Atlanta, and possibly the entire state of Georgia. If you’ve ever traveled through downtown Atlanta you know how much traffic passes by and gets bottle-necked on Peachtree Street.

If you are a company, and want a high impact visual space, and wish to tap into the Atlanta market… this is absolutely the best way.  Your customers are guaranteed to see your add for at least 30 days in Atlanta’s most prominent & thriving buBillboardsiness, & tourist district. You will catch eyes from people going to and from their work, dinner, dates and shopping. Concerts and conventions in Atlanta get your flyers, logos, and websites on this digital billboard. Maybe you just want to put your face on a Jumbo-tron for 30 days with you favorite high resolution selfie. Atlanta is the new Hollywood and someone is always looking.  If you are releasing a new film that needs advertising, this is the one space that you will definitely want to market your project on. New album releases are happening every day in music industry so if you have new material coming out, you definitely will want to get your cover art on this billboard today!

Ad Space is available for 30, 90, or 180 days for only $8,000 USD per month or $16,000 USD for both panels per month.

See your company on the Atlanta Time Square billboard, the city’s most coveted space and reach millions per month, call or text to find out how you can today at 707-500-0198.

Digital Animation Billboard

Size 11’x40′ or 18’x18′

(10) seconds ever 60 seconds

Estimated Foot Traffic Over 750,000 pedestrians weekly



  • 65+
  • 55-64
  • 45-54
  • 35-44
  • 23-34
  • 18-24
  • It is the Downtown Atlanta Business District
  • One of the nation’s top marketing cities

You can also check out more information at the Facebook Page.

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