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Amazon Could Be Releasing 3D Smartphone With Holograms Very Soon

Amazon Could Be Releasing 3D Smartphone With Holograms Very Soon

by Stephen BrownMarch 27, 2016

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Amazon’s long-rumored 3D smartphone may not be speculation anymore. The phone, which insiders say has been pushed back twice, will reportedly use its 3D capabilities for 3D wallpapers, mapping and, of course, shopping, according to a report published by BGR on Tuesday.

The report included leaked images of the new device, expected in December. The first device to be released is a high-end version, with a more affordable version being released later, according to several sources.

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In true Amazon fashion, not even the leaked photos provide a good glimpse of what the phone is really like. The company is known for keeping most details of its business away from the public. In the photos, the device is covered in a square shell to mask the casing. Five front-facing cameras are visible. One of those cameras is intended for video conferencing, including Amazon’s Mayday technical support service.

The other four front-facing cameras are low-powered infrared cameras that track the position of a user’s eyes. This allows the phone to constantly adjust the position of the images on the screen, creating a 3D experience.

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Clearly Amazon is looking at 3D as the next evolution of mobile platform.  The company has been slowly adding  hardware products  to motivate consumers to purchase more products in the Amazon Store. A smartphone would mark the companies risky entry into a highly competitive market with the Samsung S5, and the iPhone 6, set to be released soon.

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