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Flying Economy Class May Look Like This In The Near Future!!

Flying Economy Class May Look Like This In The Near Future!!

by Stephen BrownApril 1, 2016

21 inch airline

At the Aircraft Expo in Hamburg Germany this week, the French corporation Thales Group is showing off a prototype of a redesigned economy passenger seat. These seats are much slimmer & streamlined than previous designs, and the most impressive feature is the Integrated Airplane Network System (IANS.)


arline screen

Passengers will call it ‘Digital Sky,’ and it consists of a 21.3-inch HD display mounted directly into the back of the seat in a portrait configuration. It takes up no extra space, and replaces all the safety flyers and in-flight magazine that you used to find in a seat pocket. So in that sense it saves space and money.

The touchscreen can be used for entertainment including movies and games, to view a map and see where you’re traveling, and access information related to your destination. As it’s a complete system, there’s bound to be multiple configuration options offered to each airline choosing to install the seats. No doubt we’ll get a store to browse and buy from, paid Internet access handled through it, the ability to call a member of the cabin crew, and maybe even a communication system for chatting with other passengers.

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