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Bat Levitating Mouse, Can’t Get More Comfortable Or Cool Than This

Bat Levitating Mouse, Can’t Get More Comfortable Or Cool Than This

by Stephen BrownNovember 13, 2016


No this is not a trick, its real. Levitating mouse uses magnets to stay suspended for better wrist support.


We’ve all heard the term Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). It  is a condition where  there is too much pressure on the median nerve in the wrist which supplies feeling and movement to the hand. CTS can lead to tingling, weakness, or muscle damage in the hand and fingers. For millions of people who are on the computer all day, wrist tension, Carpel tunnel, and strain are very real problem.  Fortunately help is on the way.

The Bat levitating wireless computer mouse, by Vadim Kibardin & Kibardin studio, is designed to scientifically reverse the effects of Carpel tunnel by keeping the mouse suspended in mid air, and the wrist in an ergonomically correct position.

The Bat consists of  three parts, the base, the mouse itself, and the coil magnet. Kibardin says the mouse should be on the market in six months. Price has yet to be determined. Definitely can’t wait for this.


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