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Don’t Use a Selfie Stick, Get a Hover Camera Drone Instead

Don’t Use a Selfie Stick, Get a Hover Camera Drone Instead

by Stephen BrownApril 27, 2018


There are several types of camera drones that snap photos or video of  the user, unfortunately most drones don’t work very well in doors. The startup Zero Zero Robotics has announced its first product, The Hover Camera drone specifically designed to safely shoot footage indoors.

Hover Cam is more of a flying camera than a joyriding drone, and the real breakthrough feature is its sophisticated AI programming that not only keeps the platform exceedingly level, but also uses face and body recognition to lock on to a subject and slowly follow them around autonomously with stabilized capture.


 The Hover Camera comes in at only 238 grams, which is just below the FAA’s limit for mandatory hobbyist drone registration. It’s small as well: When the propeller wings are folded, it’s about the size of a VHS cassette tape. Once you open it up, you’ll see all four propellers with brushless motors, all of which are apparently developed in-house. A company rep point out that to enable precise control in such a small device, off-the-shelf components just wouldn’t work.

Zero Zero Robotics has yet to reveal a price for the Hover Camera, but it’s aiming for somewhere below $600, which seems pretty reasonable given its capabilities and materials. The beta trial is now open and if all goes well, we’ll be seeing this drone hitting the market some time this summer, followed by a whole range of other robotic products from this ambitious startup of some 80 people.


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