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The Microsoft Surface Studio Is Amazing Here’s Our Review

Microsoft’s beautiful new Surface Studio is a PC that’s much more than any all-in-one. While you can do all the regular things you’d expect from a Windows PC, it’s really the screen & sheer design gusto that makes the Surface vastly different from any regular computer. The Surface has a screen that folds down to transform the PC into a drawing board designed for an artistic pen and a new Dial input which offers hundreds of different control options for your work. It’s unlike any regular all-in-one PC we’ve seen before.

As speculation mounted over Microsoft’s PC plans, many speculated that the company was planning to create a super monitor with the skills of the Surface Laptop. I even speculated that Microsoft could go this route, but ultimately the company decided to do a full all-in-one PC which definitely was a much better choice.

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The Microsoft Surface’s Control Dial which is  sort of like a modern twist on a paint palette. When the Dial is placed on the Studio’s screen, a radial menu pops up & circles around it. Hundreds of different options load, for example, when a painting app is on screen color palettes & other options load as well.  It can also be used to navigate and pan around images and menus in dozens of different applications which will offer incredible possibilities for creatives and business people alike

To Learn More About The Surface Studio, Watch The Video Below

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