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Bill Gates says Windows 8 is Doing “Well” Without Him.

Bill Gates says Windows 8 is Doing “Well” Without Him.

by Stephen BrownJanuary 26, 2013


Some of you may be aware, Bill Gates Stepped away from the day to day rigors of running Microsoft  some months ago. He says his focus now is on Humanitarian ventures like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Recently Gates was asked about the Performance of his companies Operating System Windows 8.

So how is Windows 8 doing you ask? Microsoft says it’s sold 60 million licenses for the latest version of its operating system, though according to other reports, Windows 8 performance is nowhere near how the company would like. Bill Gates, however, seems very optimistic.

Asked by CNBC whether he’d ever return to the company as CEO, Gates replied that Windows 8 and the Surface tablet are doing “well” without him.

Gates points out he’s engaged with Microsoft on a part-time basis. “Microsoft has got a lot of exciting things going on,” “It’s a competitive field. Windows 8 has done well, Surface computer is doing well, so I share lots of ideas where Office should go, and I think the field as a whole should feel proud of how quickly it’s moving, and Microsoft will lead in a lot of those areas.”

Asked which devices he uses, Gates said he reads on a Windows PC, while Windows Phone is “a fantastic product” and a “great tool”.

So pretty effusive.

In just a few days Microsoft will hike up the price of Windows 8 by some 400 percent. So if you’re umming and aahing about whether or not to buy, it’s make your mind up time. And it’s just a couple of weeks before Microsoft launches its Surface Pro tablet that runs Windows 8 instead of Windows RT. Which is the one everyone has been waiting for.

In the interview, Gates also gave an update on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has given away $28 billion to help combat health crises around the globe like Malaria, tuberculosis and HIV.

Have you tried Windows 8? What do you make of it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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