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How Much Would It Cost To Build A Real AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back?


Article & Infographic by James Awland: James is a DigiLyfe contributing writer from London. He is a super science & tech geek who loves math, statistics, & probability




The Empire Strikes Back” is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic movies ever made. Despite the fact that it was released in 1980, it’s still just as powerful, emotional and mind-blowing as it was thirty-nine years ago. Even with all of our advances in computer technology and film-making,  the battle of Hoth with the AT-AT Walkers still blows people’s mind thanks to the stunning special effects work from the team at Industrial Light and Magic.

    While the AT-AT walkers may seem like un-attainable futuristic technology to us you might be quite surprised to learn that it is entirely possible to build one of these massive behemoths with existing technology! We actually did the research here at @Digilyfe and managed to pull off some pretty close parallels to real world technology, figuring out not only what materials you’d need to build a real AT-AT and make it operational, but also how much the whole thing would cost.



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