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SkyWay Emergency Rescue Jet

SkyWay Emergency Rescue Jet

by Stephen BrownJanuary 29, 2013
In the future, emergency medical teams will fly around in VTOL jetsDesigner Daniel Dobrogorsky envisions a future where no matter where you are or the scale of the emergency, medical teams will be able to get to your location in 60 seconds. How? By flying around in a single-seater VTOL jet, the nose of which opens up to serve as a stretcher. He calls this life-saving vehicle the Skyway.Dobrogorsky’s Skyway concept already has a real-world counterpart in Life Flight and other air ambulance services. The benefit of a service like Life Flight is that a helicopter won’t get stuck in traffic, and can respond to an emergency in minutes rather than hours. When an air ambulance is called in, it’s usually a matter of life and death, which also means minutes and not hours.

The Skyway is designed with safety in mind. For instance, though the craft has exposed blades at its rear, it uses only its six ducted fans to carry the Skyway up into the air, meaning that no exposed propellers are endangering anyone on the ground. The pilot, who should also be a paramedic, will also be able to store tools in the craft for work on the ground, or can quickly take a patient back to the hospital if things are more serious.

You can see more of the Skyway in the gallery and video below

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