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The Duracell Wireless Powermat…No More Wall Chargers

The Duracell Wireless Powermat…No More Wall Chargers

by Stephen BrownJanuary 16, 2013

The Duracell Wireless Powermat has been getting alot of buzz for its innovative outlook on wireless power transfer.

They are already installed at Madison Square Garden and have been seen at various consumer trade shows. The concept is pretty straight forward. Using positively charged ions in the air, the mat collects and transfers power to the recharging cell in the phone. The process is a bit slower than a standard plugin however  It sure beats having to carry around a charger. Definitely major points for convenience.

Very Cool Product

You can pick one up on Eay, Amazon or Radio Shack for about $99.00

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Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown @SteveBTech is a Technology Entrepreneur, & Int'l CES Judge. Along with being the founder of DigiLyfe, and, he is the founder of, & an organization that teaches K-12 Students Science & Technology.

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