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New Evidence Against Zimmerman Accidentally Released

New Evidence Against Zimmerman Accidentally Released

by Stephen BrownFebruary 26, 2013

The State Attorney’s Office prosecuting the case against George Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Travon Martin, mistakenly released a trove of evidence on Thursday that included a grainy photo of Martin’s body and Zimmerman’s college transcript.

Not long after Special Prosecutor Angela Corey’s office sent an email to media outlets with the evidence attached, the office quickly issued a statement asking reporters to “please do not use the information contained in the initial e-mail. It was inadvertently attached.” But among the more interesting details gleaned from the leaked evidence came from Zimmerman’s academic record. While Zimmerman, by his own account, longed to have a career in law enforcement, and to follow in his former magistrate father’s footsteps, he earned a D in “Intro To Criminal Justice” and failed algebra twice during his time at Seminole State college in Central Florida.

*Interesting note, based on Zimmerman’s leaked transcripts, the only class where Zimmerman excelled in academically was a class called ‘Evil Minds -Violent Predators.’ earning a B.

*Although not hugely damning to the defense of Zimmerman, it does pose some interesting evidence about his interests and areas of concentration. Evidence that a skillful prosecutor can use that represents a psychological makeup of  the accused.

(Last year Zimmerman’s Defense circulated images such as these of a Fake Trayvon Martin to display an angry youth) 

Zimmerman was a Student at Seminole State College When he shot and killed Martin

*Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty, and is currently free on $1 million bond.

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