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Augmented Reality is Taking Online Shopping to the Next Level & Easing Customer Woes

Augmented Reality is Taking Online Shopping to the Next Level & Easing Customer Woes

by Stephen BrownMarch 12, 2013


Augment lets you see what things will look like in your house, or on you before you buy, easing customer concerns.


As online retailers from apparel to furniture harness the incredible power of e-commerce, a major problem persists across all buying channels. The perpetual thorn in the side that e-commerce retailers have had to endure is customer buy hesitation from not being able to see the product in their own environment prior to purchase.  It’s a very real decision factor and it impacts about 48% of all online transactions according to Market Watch.

As the problem permeates, enter French start up, Augment, who’s virtual reality platform helps customers experience products in their environment before they buy. Augment’s CEO, JF Chianetta is passionate about what they are doing, stating up front that they did not invent augmented reality, but  instead  have found a way to adjust existing virtual 3 D technology to create a service that fills a major void in  e-commerce today.

“There’s a level of comfort now unlike anything we’ve experienced since the e-commerce revolution took shape” says Chianetta, “We are finding that brands and merchants finally feel like there’s a tool they can easily use that highlights their products to consumers, and truly expedites the buying process.”

At the moment, Augment is self-funded and is generating revenue from a small group of clients using the app including a handful of e-commerce (furniture) companies, 3D developers who need to visualize printing projects & architectural designs.

Augment is a part of the newly enriched start up scene in Paris which is thriving through the outing of France’s Le Camping, a work /mentoring space that takes on only 12 promising start-ups a season. France’s technology eco system is a product of  Jaina Capital  which has  pledged to invest 100 million euros in early stage French start-ups.

*Augment is available in the Apple App store and Google Play.


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Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown @SteveBTech is a Technology Entrepreneur, & Int'l CES Judge. Along with being the founder of DigiLyfe, and Nubby.co, he is the founder of DigitalAfro.com, & StemStars.org an organization that teaches K-12 Students Science & Technology.

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