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Artists Like Jason Derulo Are Using Twitters ‘Vine’ To Promote Their Singles

Artists Like Jason Derulo Are Using Twitters ‘Vine’ To Promote Their Singles

by Stephen BrownApril 22, 2013


Vine has become a very hot app for iPhone users, and brands are just beginning to discover how to enhance their visibility with the Twitter powered platform. Celebs and comedians like Will Sasso have found ways to reach out to fans with Vine, & now musicians are giving the video-sharing app a whirl.

Artist Jason Derulo is one of the first musicians to use Vine for a release, in promotion of his new single “The Other Side,” which launched Tuesday. Fans are encouraged to create Vines using clips of the song and upload them using the hashtag #TheOtherSide.

A selected number of Vines will be edited together in one video and then uploaded to Derulo’sYouTube channel, which has more than 500,000 subscribers.

Derulo, an early adopter to Vine, says it is “the most fun of all social media apps” he’s ever used.

“Vine allows me to connect with my fans in a very unique way. It enables me to get really creative in how I share a behind the scenes look into my life and my music,” Derulo tells Mashable.

Derulo’s product manager, and Warner Bros Records VP of marketing, Ayal Kleinman says Vine is “the emerging social media platform” for artists.

Warner Bros. has already pre-recorded clips of the song specifically for this promotion, making it easier for users to focus on the video content of the six-second clip. Kleinman says he feels “The Other Side” is a good soundtrack for Vine users.

“The high-energy feel of the song really lent itself well to the platform, and so all the elements came together to create this really engaging promotion,” says Kleinman.

“The Other Side” is the latest single to Derulo’s forthcoming album. It’s available exclusively on iTunes.

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