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You Saw This 3D Car Tech In Mission Impossible 4, Now See the Real Thing

You Saw This 3D Car Tech In Mission Impossible 4, Now See the Real Thing

by Stephen BrownJune 26, 2013



At DA, we always like to show you how that cool stuff you see in movies & science fiction, usually is based on real existing technology. In this scene in Mission Impossible 4, Cruise and Paula Patton are chasing bad guys through the streets of Dubai.
In an effort to find the best routes through the city & cut them off, Paula has the car start pulling up GPS data which she quickly sends over to Cruise on a 3D display on the windshield. Seemed a bit far fetched right? If you said “yes,” then look at what BMW is doing with its ‘Vision Connected’ cars where the driver, passenger and the environment, are all interconnected.
In these new cars, passengers can get information on pretty much anything, review it, interact with it, and send it over to the driver through the windshield, or to the drivers instrument panel. All of this is projected on a heads up display so the driver does not have to take their eyes off of the road.
Look for this technology in BMW models in 2014.

Enough talk, just watch and enjoy the videos.




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