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Digital Afro Turns 1 Years Old Today: A Few Words From Stephen Brown

Digital Afro Turns 1 Years Old Today: A Few Words From Stephen Brown

by Stephen BrownJanuary 23, 2014

By Digital Afro Lead Editor: Stephen Brown


Today, we are celebrating something very special.

I started Digital Afro a year ago to do something different. I wanted to do something that 90% of other african american ran website were not doing, and that was to place science and technology at the forefront, not obscured way in the background, or if at all.

When I started last year, a lot of people told me to focus on other topics because african americans did  NOT want to hear about technology. I found that very strange since all of us have laptops, iPads & smartphones?? To myself, I said we’ll “I’m just going to put the information out there anyway, if they get it fine, if not so be it”…I will continue on.

People naturally fear the unknown. I think that people’s initial hesitation was that it had never been seen before, hence the first instinct was that of  doubt. Well it’s a year later, and the response has been overwhelming. At first I did question as well buying into the stereotype that our culture only wanted gossip  & entertainment based information. Then my beautiful girlfriend Simona J. said, “even if they don’t say it  Steve,  they want it.” so I pressed on, and I continue to press on.

Since I was going to be doing something very different, the content had to be outstanding everyday without fail. Every article, video, story, had to be special. It had to be awesome & interesting enough not only to shift people’s attention, but to spark curiosity & conversation on what was possible. One of the many highlights of this past year has been when someone says “I had absolutely no idea that technology even existed” or “every time I come to your site  man I am blown away.”  When I hear things like that it makes all of the Countless Hours of research, writing, editing, formatting , coding, worth it.

It is 2014, and I feel compelled to keep informing not just minorities, but all people on digital trends, and incredible innovation happening around us. Digital Afro is about learning and exposure, you will see content from all races & cultures, not just about african americans, simply because it’s  paramount to expose people to more than what we are getting thru regular media channels.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the support over the last year. I remember when my first 8 visitors arrived on Feb. 1st I was ecstatic, now by the grace of God we are at a consistent 50,000 visitors a month and rising. With your sharing, and support hopefully we can be at  100K a mo. by March or April.

Again Many Thanks. The Force is with us.

Stephen Brown
Founder/Lead Editor

 Here are some of my favorite topics that we’ve covered  this, and last year.


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About The Author
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown @SteveBTech is a Technology Entrepreneur, & Int'l CES Judge. Along with being the founder of DigiLyfe, and Nubby.co, he is the founder of DigitalAfro.com, & StemStars.org an organization that teaches K-12 Students Science & Technology.

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