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Samsung Galaxy S5 About To Hit Stores, We’ve Got The Inside Look

Samsung Galaxy S5 About To Hit Stores, We’ve Got The Inside Look

by Stephen BrownApril 13, 2014

The Galaxy S5 is here,  &  we have some initial thoughts about the ‘Life Companion.’


‘One of the biggest smartphones of the year is going to hit store shelves tomorrow, and we’ve gotten an early look at the Samsung Galaxy S5, these are our early impressions.


The Galaxy S5 looks like a pretty subtle upgrade over the Galaxy S4, but the extras Samsung threw in definitely improve things. It’s still plastic, but I think the faux leather backing feels better in hand than the standard plastic in the GS4. I’ve been using the HTC One (M8) as my main phone since it released, and though the One has the more premium construction of the two, the GS5 is lighter and also more comfortable to hold.

The screen is very nice, and I do notice and appreciate the extra real estate. It’s 5.1 inches, next to the GS4’s 5-in display. The GS5’s physical and capacitive navigation keys (as opposed to onscreen virtual buttons) also guarantee that you’ll always get 100 percent of that area for your apps.

Completely Water Resistant

Water resistance is always a nice bonus, and the GS5 looks to live up that billing so far

This is the first time Samsung has thrown some water resistance into one of its flagships (last year you had to buy a separate version of the GS4 to get that). It seems to work as advertised, as I soaked it in a glass of water with no issues. I even used the phone while it was soaking, without any problems. One nice touch was that, when I first powered it on, the phone gave me an alert that its battery cover wasn’t completely shut. Obviously that’s something you’ll need to take care of before taking the phone for a dunk.

Heart Rate Sensor

The Galaxy S5 has a heart rate sensor on its back. There’s no physical shortcut to start it up, so you have to fire up Samsung’s S Health app before measuring (either by opening the app or tapping on a home screen widget). Once you do that, it asks you to hold your finger on the sensor for a short time (usually between 10-15 seconds) and it shows you your pulse. It doesn’t seem to give you any guidance beyond showing you the results, but I suppose it isn’t too hard to research where your heart rate should ideally be.

Fingerprint Scanner

One big addition is a fingerprint scanner, similar to (but not as polished as) the one you...

There’s also a fingerprint scanner on board. Similar to the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5s, you teach it your print by swiping over the home button several times. After that point you can use it to unlock your phone. It recognizes mine most of the time, but I do also get annoying “swipe the entire pad” error messages if I’m not careful. My early assessment is that it isn’t as good as Apple’s, but is still perfectly serviceable.

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