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If Your Hard Drive Is Filling Up, Start Saving to Google Drive

If Your Hard Drive Is Filling Up, Start Saving to Google Drive

by Stephen BrownMay 9, 2013


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Google Drive

If your hard drive is slowly filling up (like most people), you might want to start saving to Google Drive.  Google Drive is a cloud based storage system you can use to store your files, and access them anywhere using any device. If you’re familiar with Google Docs, you’ll be able to start using Google Drive fairly quickly. You also get to conveniently edit 30 different types of files without having to install software on our own system.

Google is giving away 5GB of free storage on Drive, and you can increase the size starting at only $2.49 a month for 25GB. The video below will walk you through the features of Google Drive so you can start using it today.





Get Google Drive Here

Here’s a Quick How To Video




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