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Make Your Roads And Pathways Glow At Night Using StarPath Road Spray

Make Your Roads And Pathways Glow At Night Using StarPath Road Spray

by Stephen BrownJanuary 20, 2016

Scientists are working tirelessly to bring better and more enhanced energy alternatives to the world, and one way they are looking to do this is being able to conserve energy at night time.
Pro-Teq 6

A UK company by the name of Pro-Teq, has come up with an ingenious idea to conserve electricity, and allow cities & towns to enhance their visual appeal as well.

Pro-Teq 5

The idea is to spray the road with a special kind of coating which absorbs UV light in the day and provides illumination at night.
The coating is water-resistant and is available in different colors; blue, red, gold and green.The material is non toxic, and 100% bio degradable.

Pro-Teq 4

The application process takes only hours, uses virtually no energy, and just looks incredibly cool.

Pro-Teq 2Pro-Teq

Pro-Teq is hopeful that this idea will catch on and provide an incredibly unique and visually stunning way for cities to be efficient and look amazing as well.

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