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New Concorde being developed: New York To Dubai in 2 hours!

New Concorde being developed: New York To Dubai in 2 hours!

by Stephen BrownJanuary 10, 2016


Hypermach SonicStar

The future of air travel just got a lot more compelling. For years the Concorde  supersonic passenger plane was the fastest way for travelers to get from one destination to another. However, problems from noise, mechanical issues, and budget constraints grounded the mythical jet in the mid nineties. Since then, engineers have been looking for the replacement to the Concorde, and a French company  HyperMach says they have it.

The Hypermach SonicStar will be The premier  super sonic business jet with a top speed  twice that of  the Concorde at 3.5 Mach ( 2,664 mph.) The planes ceiling height will be 62,000 ft, which will allow the passengers to observe the curvature of Earth.

Hypermach SonicStar 5

Richard Lugg, Chief Executive Hypermach, has already acquired funding contracts for the Hypermach with the Department of Trade and Industry, which will be the supporting company in United Kingdom. Lugg  estimates the  plane will be up in the sky within eight years. The Sonicstar will come equipped with two SonicBlue S-MAGJET Hybrid Supersonic 4000 series engines while boasting a range of 6,000 nautical miles. Its cabin will measure 64 meters in length and will have a maximum height of 2.6 meters and a maximum width of 2.7 meters.

Richard Lugg states: ‘We have access to a new  revolutionary engine technology, and a unique  high speed aircraft design to make our sustained high speed air travel possible.  Our plan is to build and fly the world’s first  high speed supersonic hybrid passenger  aircraft by June 2021.” If all goes well, we should be seeing a 75 percent reduction in trip time for New York –Dubai which we can complete within 2 hours.

Guy Ngandu Kalonji Lead Propulsion Engineer, H-MAGJET for SonicStar

Guy Ngandu Kalanji is the  lead Aero-Propulsion Engineer responsible for the development of the revolutionary hypersonic hybrid superconducting engine that is powering the SonicStar passenger aircraft to Mach 4.  His work is focused on the dual bypass fan, electric compressors, and turbine architecture systems.

In 2007 Guy Kalonji graduated from the University of Caen Laboratory of Mechanics, Mathematical and Numerical Modeling (France), and a Mathematical and Mechanical Engineering Master’s degree.

Hypermach SonicStar 6

Unlike The Concorde, The Sonic Star is Clean and Quiet.

HyperMach states: ‘The engine is a true hybrid. It generates massive electrical power using their proprietary electromagnetic generation technology to segment each engines rotation electrically. Every stage from bypass fans, to compressor to turbine rotates independently of the other creating electromagnetic current and inducted thrust capability. Due to the electromagnetic currents that are present around the fuselage, the sonic boom is also suppressed and noise will be reduced to a level that is acceptable to current residential standards.”

Hypermach SonicStar 2

Hypermach SonicStar 3


So, are you all ready to travel at supersonic speeds on the next Concorde? Let us know in the comments.





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