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‘Splinter Cell’ Film is Official: Tom Hardy Signs on to Play Sam Fisher

‘Splinter Cell’ Film is Official: Tom Hardy Signs on to Play Sam Fisher

by Stephen BrownMarch 24, 2013

Game fans this is awesome news. The best game ever created, my favorite title of all time, Splinter Cell, is getting a live action movie and it is going down big time!!

Variety reports that Hardy has singed on to play Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher, a ninja-like operative working for a Black-ops unit called Echelon. The game series (which has sold 20+ million copies and has a new installment, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, due out in 2013) revolves around the various ‘impossible mission’ scenarios Fisher must navigate, with plenty of backstory and character development filled in along the way. The games’ appeal is mainly found in the varied options players have in accomplishing their missions – all of which require a combination of stealth, cunning, resourcefulness and (in a few instances) outright forcefulness.

The script is being written by Eric Warren Singer, who penned the Clive Owen thriller The International, as well as the lauded script for American Bullsh**t, a film about the FBI’s ABSCAM corruption case of the ’70s and ’80s, which has attracted Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell (The Fighter) and a cast that includes Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams. That’s all to say: even if Singer’s name doesn’t sound familiar yet, it’s bound to have some clout behind it by the time Splinter Cell hits theaters.

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