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Company Will Plant A Million Trees A Day Using Former Weapons Of War

Company Will Plant A Million Trees A Day Using Former Weapons Of War

by Stephen BrownFebruary 7, 2018

Global Warming, deforestation, and the rapid depletion of green areas around the planet are happening at an alarming rate. I’ll spare you the dismal figures on whats happening with the rain forests around the globe, because they’re not pleasant. Fortunately, there is very good news.

Several engineers at defense contractor Lockheed Martin, have come up with an amazing  way to reverse mankind’s assault on our beautiful green planet, and ironically, it comes from one of the most destructive weapons known to man, the Cluster bomb. If you aren’t familiar with Cluster bombs, they’re some of the deadliest weapons used by the military.  They’re  essentially a  bomb with 200 bombs inside of it,  that when dropped,  spray like exploding raindrops on targets.

Instead of raining destruction on an area,  now companies want to plant hundreds of miles of  forests by dropping  ‘seed bombs’  out of  converted cargo planes.

The idea and the technology are brilliant. The vegetation seeds are encased in a bio-degradable plastic that when dropped, organically get absorbed into the ground. After a few days, the seeds begin to take root, and trees begins to grow.  

*Jack Walters, an engineer at Lockheed says that 900,000 trees can be planted in a single day! 


*We absolutely love this idea. We need to think of more ways to use weapons of war to help mankind. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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