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Self Driving Taxis Installed At London’s Heathrow Airport

Self Driving Taxis Installed At London’s Heathrow Airport

by Stephen BrownFebruary 17, 2018


A fleet of 100 self driving  “pod cars” will be installed in Milton Keynes, a small city in southern England. They will run between London’s Heathrow Airport , downtown, and various offices in-between. This is the first time that driver-less vehicles will be used in a mass transit capacity.

ULTra Personal Electric Transportation Pods are battery powered self driving vehicles that are capable of carrying 4 passengers and their luggage. With a total carrying capacity of up to 450kg, the Ultra pods are perfectly suited to accommodate wheelchairs, prams and bicycles. Compliant with disability legislation.


“The Ultra system offers security and convenience by providing a non-stop journey that gives passengers exclusive use of their vehicle. Each pod is monitored by CCTV and a dedicated team of controllers are on hand to help at the push of a button.”

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  • February 12, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    I am sorry to tell you you have got this story completely wrong.

    The pods have been in operation at Heathrow Airport since 2011.

    SEPARATELY, another 100 pods will be installed in Milton Keynes, a small town near London, to run between Milton Keynes town centre ("downtown") and the town's rail station.

    Best regards,

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