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Memoto Lapel Camera Turns Your Life Into One Big Video/Photoblog

Memoto Lapel Camera Turns Your Life Into One Big Video/Photoblog

by Stephen BrownJune 1, 2018


Memoto wants  to help people rethink picture taking as they know it. The wearable device, which is roughly the size of an SD card case, clips on a shirt collar, taking five-megapixel pictures every 30 seconds without prompting, running on a battery that’ll last around two days. The idea is to create a lifeblog — an encapsulation of what you did during a given day, told through still photos.

Those images are served up to the company’s proprietary software application, which uses an algorithm to group them into clusters. Visiting a user’s page presents a sampling of photos from throughout the day. From there, you can drill down into the clusters to see the group of shots taken 30 seconds apart. And, of course, there’s sharing on the thing, letting you post those images and groups to places like Twitter and Facebook. The devices we saw weren’t final versions — they were just 3D-printed prototypes brought to Austin to give showgoers an idea of what to expect when it starts shipping next month. It won’t be cheap, however — the camera will run you $279. Though Memoto assures us that, even at that price, there’s been plenty of interest in the thing, with thousands of pre-orders already on the books

To Learn More About Memoto visit :  or watch the video below.


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