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New Workplace Trend, Remote Control Robots In Your Office

New Workplace Trend, Remote Control Robots In Your Office

by Stephen BrownJune 1, 2018

There is a new trend in today’s workplace that is taking the term ‘working-from-home’ to another level. The same company that gave us the Roomba automated vacuum cleaner is set to bring a similar mainstream approach to telecommuting with the introduction of¬† telepresence robots for the workplace.

Working in collaboration with Cisco, Double Robotics has taken the wraps off the new device that is designed to allow organizations to seamlessly communicate with remote workers as if they were in the same room.


The Double  lets remote workers use an iPad app to select a meeting rooms and guide the robot to that area at the office. Before being deployed for use, the Double first cycles through in exploration mode that allows it to map out the entire office. Once that process is complete, the robot can autonomously travel to any single office on command, while avoiding random people traveling through the hallways. Fitted with a 12.5-inch screen, the robot delivers high-definition images and audio and has a remote-controlled height adjuster to allow for seated or standing conversations with people on site.

Telepresence Robots range in price from $500 – $3500 depending on features



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