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7G Wireless!! Featured at the CES showcase…Get Ready

7G Wireless!! Featured at the CES showcase…Get Ready

by Stephen BrownJanuary 16, 2013


CES 2013 in Las Vegas saw the debut of yet another revolutionary piece, which is surely going to mark a tipping point of all speed-infused advancements; yes ladies and gentlemen, the Gigabit Wi-Fi is here in 2013.

At CES 2013, Cisco/Linksys, D-Link and Netgear are all releasing new 802.11ac compatible routers. Wireless Gigabit Alliance is promising to eventually bring speeds of the Wi-Fi network to upto 7Gbps—the Internet is going to get a lot faster. Individuals and businesses should all prepare to convert their gadgets into ones that are 802.11ac compatible; things are definitely speeding up!

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Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown @SteveBTech is a Technology Entrepreneur, & Int'l CES Judge. Along with being the founder of DigiLyfe, and, he is the founder of, & an organization that teaches K-12 Students Science & Technology.

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